The act of breathing provides vital nourishment to the entire body. When done consciously, breathing deeply will not only create physical wellbeing by releasing stress and tension, conscious breathing will also help you to find creative solutions to any issues you may be having at home or on the job. The key is to take the issue from out of your mind and into your body.

Every cell of your body is a blueprint of the universal intelligence that called it into being. The body (like all living organisms), is by its very structure and substance at one of this vast intelligence. This is important because when you are in-tune with energy of your body, you become tuned-in to the infinite and loving mind of the Universe. You have access to love, joy and wisdom, all states of being that are impossible to experience through the mind alone.

The vast majority of us however, are living under the illusion that we are separate from the intelligence of our bodies. Any belief system of “being separate,” creates feelings of alienation and aloneness. When we feel alone, any problem or issue that we are faced with inevitably becomes a burden and an aggravation, which in-turn worsens the situation. Contemplate this statement for the next few days and notice how you feel; “If the body is at one with the infinite wisdom of the Universe, then I am at one with infinite wisdom when I am at one with my body.” The breath is the vehicle through which we can realize this oneness with our bodies and with God.

When we are faced with a problem or issue, there is a tendency to shorten the breath. Shortening the breath will activate negativity and reactivity within you. This creates a block to manifesting a creative solution. Instead, try this technique: First when you are under stress breath consciously into the belly. This will create a space between the problem, any feelings of stress and your reaction. Second stop thinking about the problem, literally take the issue into the belly and wait. Breathe and wait, thus allowing for a new way of being to emerge via the intelligence of the body/mind. It may take only a few seconds for the solution to arise or a few days, but a solution will present itself. Then you have to have the courage to carry it out.

Breathe deeply and consciously.


Photo Credit: Justin Main