I’ve spent most of my day today learning about the blogging Universe.  I found that the most popular blogs were dedicated to technical stuff and political stuff.  I found a couple of sites that seem to share some of my same interests, but I haven’t had time to research them in-depth yet.

Everyday I think of my personal goals.  They change based on my mood and my needs, but there’s one goal that came to mind recently, one that I’m feeling passionate about… it’s leaving this world in a better place then where I found it, and my sense is is that the Internet can help me with this goal.

The world is small.  I can reach across the globe just as easily as I can reach across the table to touch my husbands hand.  It’s wonderful, and filled with possibilities and potentialities.   Too often we focus on what we don’t have, how the world is imperfect and how the people in it are flawed.  As a writer and a teacher, I am concerned with how to make “the positive” interesting.  This can be challenging when “the negative” is often more titillating, but challenge is a good thing.

What I’d like to create here is a community of people that are interested in  feeling good, conscious parenting, listening, tolerance, letting go of dogmas and spiritual awakening.

I am knowing a beautiful present for all.


Photo Credit: Hello I'm Nik