Have you ever wanted to create, do, or have something so badly only to have obstacle after obstacle appear on the path? I know I have. Sometimes it feels like the obstacles are a sign that you should change course or give up completely, but that is rarely the case.

The True Meaning of an Obstacle

The Universe is never against you and whatever you have in mind to create, as long as it is backed by a POSITIVE intention, is divinely inspired.

Now you may be thinking, “If what I want is divinely inspired then why do these obstacles keep appearing?”

One big reason is this; the Universe wants to know, “How much skin are YOU willing to put in the game?” In other words, what are you willing to give in order to receive your heart’s desire?

*You want to be financially free, are you willing to address your emotional spending?

*You want to be physically fit, are you willing to change your lifestyle and eating habits?

*You want a loving relationship, are you willing to address your fears of intimacy?

*How badly do want what you say you want, and what are you willing to GIVE in order to get it?

It’s Always About YOU

Obstacles are a manifestation of your fears. No one is against you, Life is kind and It’s here to help you fulfill your greatest desires. You see, it isn’t about getting what you want (although that’s good too), it’s about who you BECOME in the process of going through the journey.

Try This
I’d like you to try two techniques that really work for my clients and me when addressing and moving through our obstacles:

1. Knowing that your life is a projection of your mind, ask yourself, “What is it about my thinking that I have attracted this obstacle into my life?” Do this practice in quiet, and know that your first answer is the right one.

2. Whenever you are close to getting what you want, please thank the Universe and your unconscious mind. By recognizing the good that is coming your way, you open yourself up to seeing and attracting even more of it into your life.

You are beautiful and your desires are noble.

Photo Credit: Michael Rosner-Hyman