“I wish you could stay little forever,” I said.

“But Mommy, then I would die,” she wisely replied.

Love is a living entity that needs freedom and light to bloom.

We humans however hate change. We desperately want everything to stay the same (even when we say we don’t), but as my baby pointed out to me all those years ago, clinging to what is, is death.

For love to remain alive in your life, for you to receive the richness from it, you must give it room to evolve. What this looks like on the outside is allowing the people you love to have the freedom to evolve and grow, even if that means growing away from you and visa versa.

It’s scary, I know.

Love is the reason to contemplate the changes in our relationships. Children grow up, parents pass on, lovers sometimes leave. So ask yourself, is it possible to love your friends, family, and lovers enough to allow them the freedom to evolve, or will your fear of the unknown stifle your love until there’s nothing left?

In today’s prayerful meditation, we pray for the wisdom to love so deeply as to be willing to let go.