The bills are paid, the relationship is good, kids are good.  Life is good.


You’re feeling bored, something is definitely missing.

There is a subtle uneasiness that is lingering at the periphery of your life. You think, “Ugh, there has to be something more.”

There is, but first you must face your self.

The absence of external drama does mean the presence of inner peace.

Drama is a distraction, without the distraction you are faced with your self.  The self that you,we, are all trying to escape from.

This self is the voice in your head, the voice you would take with you even if you managed to escape to the mountain top. What would you do with all that alone time anyway? You’d be bored.

You fear boredom. Boredom is death.

Not because you could actually kill the self by being bored, no matter what your teenager says.  Boredom is death to the self because if you managed to stay present with the boredom, rather than trying and escape from it,  the voice in your head would disappear and inner peace would reveal itself as your true nature.

Boredom is a sign that you are close to the nature of yourself, to the true joy of being.

Try this:

The next time you find yourself wondering if there is more to life, or just feeling uneasy, don’t try and escape from it.

Let the boredom be a meditation.  Watch it.

Boredom, like all states of mind are transitory. Your mom was right, you can’t be bored forever.

Haven’t you ever wondered what is at the end of boredom?  What would that experience be like?


Photo Credit: Jérémie Crémer