Are you taking good care of yourself? Or are you last on your list?

Most of us, don’t bother to care for ourselves until something goes wrong, and sometimes not even then. We deny ourselves the self love we deserve. Delicious food, clean water, good company, and meaningful work are all ingredients to a happy life.

So, while thinking of you, I went to one of my favorite decks, “Tree Magick” by Gillian Klemp and pulled this card, it’s called “Superiority”

“You will find yourself in a position of great strength. the massive Teak, with its rough green oval leaves that span half the length of a human, symbolizes this.  A crown of glory will be bestowed upon you like the whitish flower-sprays that crown the foliage.  One success will lead to another…you are strong and stand above the rest, like the superior Teak.”

Please know that taking care of yourself and owning your strength, power, and creativity doesn’t diminish anyone. God’s Universe is vast, and each one is a king or queen, given unique talents and insights. When you take care of you, and show your strength, you shine a light on others to stand up as well.

Love you!

Photo Credit: Clarisse Meyer