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Is Spirit Calling You…

I’m a recovering people-pleaser. I’m sensitive, empathic, and throughout my life have had a difficult time standing up for myself and saying, “No”. I never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings, indeed other people’s feelings were always more important than my own. I also had a deep need to be liked by others and so wouldn’t rock the boat too much.

Spirit calls to us in the one place where we have the most difficulty.

People pleasing has never worked to my benefit, just the opposite. In fact, it was the biggest reason I was so miserable in my life. If I was going to thrive as a business owner and single parent after my divorce and the sudden death of my mother, I couldn’t afford to stay silent and DIS-EMPOWERED. I couldn’t continue to say “Yes” when I meant “No”. I couldn’t continue to just go along to get along. I couldn’t wait for other people to validate me, I needed to validate myself.

Authentic Empowerment, or what I like to call Spiritual Badassery, is an intangible quality that when you have it, every aspect of your life improves…relationships, finances, work, health, creativity, spiritual connection…and you naturally experience more JOY.

Let me be clear, being authentically empowered is not about using your will-power, it’s about using your innate God-Power. That’s right! It’s about you expressing the Power and the Presence of the Divine through YOU and as YOU.

Where has Spirit been calling you? What have you been avoiding? That “thing” is where you will find your POWER.

We all have struggles while here on the earth plane. In fact, I think that’s the point. My life isn’t easy. I work almost every day, I cook, chauffeur my kids around, tend to their wounds, argue with my former husband, look at my bank account with one eye open, but I LOVE every moment of it. My life fills me with JOY because I KNOW that I’m co-creating it with Spirit. God called me to address the thing that caused me the most suffering and by saying “Yes,” I found imaginable grace, power, and enthusiasm for life.

I used all of my spiritual tools and discovered some new ones along the way, to help me move through a huge toxic cluster in my life and release my people-pleaser mentality.

I’ve put all that knowledge in the Joycode™ Spiritual Mentorship Program, and I want to share it with you, and help you awaken to your authentic power, confidence, and joy.

In it, you’ll walk the path to:

1. Mastering Intuition–which will help you access your inner wisdom and connect with Spirit and your Spiritual Team.

2. Mastering Energy/Revealing Joy–More energy means living with an open heart and allowing the energy of Joy to flow through you. This is a practice to keep the heart wide open, and one we’ll explore together.

3. Mastering Emotion–Action arises from emotions. Whether you’re out-of-touch with your emotions or too emotional, this module will help you find power through emotional balance.

4. Mastering Mind–Self-sabotage much? That’s your unconscious mind at work. In this module, you will come into conscious alignment with our conscious and unconscious intentions, and discover how to use your thoughts constructively AND learn how to quiet the mind for more inner peace.

5. Mastering the Law of Attraction–We fear what we don’t understand. And because most of us don’t understand how life works, we live in fear. In this module, you’ll learn how to get on the inside of life by consciously using the Law of Attraction to create a life of joy, harmony, prosperity, and peace. It’s not about positive thinking, it’s about getting into alignment with your deepest desires and using your innate God-power.

If you’re interested, then I want to gift you 1 week free so you can try out the program. All you have to do is email me, and I’ll set it up for you.

I’m getting ready for the next module, “Mastering Energy/Mastering Joy” so there’s no better time to try it out than now. Email me at Krista@myjoycode.com

If you decide that this is a journey you want to embark on, then you can do a quarterly membership at $297 for three months of awesomeness or sign up for a year at $684 (that comes to $57 per month and you get fancy bonuses).

Imagine how sweet your joy will be when you answer this call.

Email me today at krista@myjoycode.com

Yours in Love and Light,