Healing Soul-Loss, Finding Joy

Your Soul, that is the bigger part of you, can never be lost but you can lose your connection to It. 

Your Soul, also called, Atman, Self, Higher-Self, is a wellspring of joy, peace, and wonder in your life. Soul is what lives on when you pass from this world. Soul is poetry, movement, connection. Soul is necessary to life.

Soul-loss happens when you’ve had intense negative experiences and you were unable to process them when they first occurred OR when you’re attached to an past experience that defined you and you can’t let go. For example, an intense love relationship where you believe, “I’ll never find love like that again,” or if you were very accomplished at a young age and believe that your best years are behind you. Both of these experiences are two sides of the same coin, and result in leaving pieces of self/soul at these events.

Soul-loss can also happen over time. Saying “yes” when in your heart you wanted to say, “no.” Compromising your dreams and ambitions for wealth, career, or a relationship, even immersing yourself in the good work of caring for your children and others while putting yourself last causes the most vital parts of yourself to wither, disappearing from your life.

Soul-loss is a spiritual crisis, not a psychological one. Therapy is wonderful, but therapy doesn’t enter the dimension of soul. In fact, most of my clients and students have been to therapy with wonderful results, but feel that they need something “more.”

Often the discovery of soul-loss happens when you’ve had a significant life event, like a birthday, divorce, empty nest, or death of a loved one. It happens when wake you up to the fact that something is missing, that you’ve been wasting your time, you’re unhappy, and you want more.

What are the symptoms of soul-loss?

• You have a difficult time making decisions.
• You have a negative and limited inner dialogue.
• You lack energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life.
• You’re intensely lonely, although you may have an abundance of friends and family.
• You often feel isolated, like no one understands you or how you’re feeling.
• You have inexplicable bouts of anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, and guilt.
• You’ve lost your “mojo” that is, you feel like you’ve lost touch with your best self.
• You’re anxious because you feel like you’re running out of time.
• You’re unsure of your purpose.
• You feel disconnected from God/Universe/Spirit/Source/Divine.
• It’s difficult for you to imagine the future.
• You can’t set clear and decisive boundaries with friends and loved ones.
• You feel intensely uncomfortable in your own skin.
• A looming sense that something is missing in your life, but you can’t figure out what it is.


How does JoyCode™ help heal soul-loss?

By following the JoyCode™ 3-fold path you will learn how to move through fear, confusion, and overwhelm and how to consciously embrace the changes in your life.

You will re-connect with your emotional and intuitive body  and learn to trust your own inner guidance system. You will let go of guilt, shame, resentment and in the process retrieve the lost parts of yourself so you experience yourself as powerful, whole, balanced, and joy-filled.

What this looks like is better relationships, better communication, better health, and a feeling of joy and freedom that comes from unburdening yourself from the shackles of negative and toxic thoughts and emotions.

JoyCode™  works in 3 month/ quarterly cycles. It works too with the phases of the moon, as you are given specific ceremonies to help you release guilt, shame, fear, anger, anxiety, and resentments and other ceremonies to manifest joy. It sounds like a lot, but you’d essentially spend about 1 hour a week total on specific tasks/spiritual study and meditate each day for about 3 minutes a day…and these practices are interesting, fun, and soul-satisfying. The mystery of the Universe is in every cell of your body, your heart, and mind. Coming to know the Soul of yourself is a wonderful adventure!

coming soon audio and video of JoyCode™ in action!


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