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  • This audio book is for you if...
  • You recognize self-sabotaging behavior but you don't know how to stop doing it!
  • You have tried "manifesting" with little or no success and you are feeling disappointed, frustrated, and confused. 
  • You want to get into the FLOW of the Universe, and stop working so hard to create the life you want and deserve.
  • Inside you'll discover...
  • Where self-sabotaging behavior comes from.
  • How to identify the 6 types of self-sabotaging behavior so you can stop doing it.
  • How to co-create consciously with Spirit.
  • How to be your most powerful and joy-filled self.
  • 6 Techniques for Creating an Amazing Life Now!
  • Filled with real-life examples to help you apply the principles today
  • You'll 2 bonus gifts...
  • "How to Stop Self-Sabotage and Create an Amazing Life" PDF ebook.
  • Bonus Video Classes on "How to Be Happy" with meditation techniques for balance! 
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Krista, You have given me courage and strength, clarity and balance, and most of all, honesty and self-love! Because of you, I stared to believe and ‘live’ while I’m ‘alive’ Ayline Ayline Artin., Singer/Songwriter/Enchantress

“Hello Krista, You are just phenomenal!! Our session was another amazing one!! I loved it!! :-)) Thank you for your wonderful work on me!! xoxoxo” Sabine S., Mom and Owner of Shiny Little Blessings