A Year of Joy, Monthly Membership

$9.00 / month

Your “Year of Joy” membership includes a calendar and monthly energy report that works with archetypes (ancient visual symbols) for each month to give you an accurate energetic outlook for each month.

Then, working with the four major phases of the moon, I give you simple, fun, and effective ceremonies to do that will help you align with these energies and manifest what you want. What I’m giving to you is exactly what I’ve done for myself!



When you subscribe to A Year of Joy, Manifest Your Destiny you will get:

  • A full color report and calendar delivered to your email box each month.
  • Automated calendar alerts via my private Google group and calendar which will gently remind you of when you need to perform your ceremony.
  • Monthly video lessons.
  • An energy reading for the month. Each month will have its own archetypal energies that you can harness to help you manifest your heart’s desire.
  • Journaling prompts to help you stay focused, positive, and clear headed.
  • Simple but POWERFUL ceremonies that you can do to get the wheel of positive co-creation spinning in your direction.
  • You can print and post these calendars on your fridge, incorporate them onto your vision board, or take them to work for inspiration.
  • OR you can view them from any device.

As bonus when you subscribe, you’ll also receive exclusive invitations to my signature JoyCode Wisdom Events, discounts on upcoming courses or products, inspirational videos, and the occasional love note from Spirit.

You can cancel at anytime!


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