How To: Stop Self-Sabotage and Create an Amazing Life Using Spiritual Principles


You can create anything, even in the midst of the darkest, loneliest night or from the edge of ruin. You can because you have a secret super power that you may not fully believe in or understand how to use. This power is two fold; it requires you to understand the nature of how your mind works and two, it requires an inner knowing that there is a Power in the Universe, greater than any heartbreak, financial problem, health issue, business problem, or family trouble you may be having. Sometimes I call this Power God, but you can call It anything you want. Together, with your clear mind and your immersion in the Spirit of All Good you will manifest miracles.

From Tragic to Miraculous

Only two weeks before my father’s best friend and mentor, Bob, died. They’d know each other for over 40 years. Dad was on the phone consoling Bob’s wife when I thought, “What will happen to mom when dad goes? She’ll be devastated.” After 45 years of marriage, they were still loving and devoted to each other.

At that very moment, my brother-in-law called. There had been an accident at the house. He and my sister were in San Francisco celebrating their wedding anniversary and mom was babysitting their three boys. He didn’t have any more details other than the phone number of the hospital.

“You need to come right away,” said the nurse.

“Is she okay?” I asked.

“Just come.”

My dad was shaken so I drove the long two hours to the hospital. My stomach was tight but I remained chatty and upbeat for dad’s sake. We arrived and were ushered into a small cold room. The room was lit with bright florescent lighting and the walls were lined with hospital chairs. We sat and waited. After a few minutes the door opened and in walked a short pudgy male doctor with dark hair and dark brown eyes. He was accompanied by a tall woman, older than he, her blonde hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail. They sat near us, and looked miserable, maybe even a little scared. He said Mom had fallen and hit her head. Her pH levels were high. I think he said 30. They operated, did everything they could,  but her brain had been deprived of oxygen for too long. She was brain-dead and on a ventilator. The room erupted and everything seemed to go side-ways like in old movies before someone was about to faint, then for some reason I looked at the doctor and said, “I know that must’ve been difficult for you. Thank you.” He had tears in his eyes. I’m certain it was his first time.

I spoke to my mother every day, sometimes 3 times a day. We’d talk about politics, my kids, and about our spiritual and creative pursuits. Mom, was thinking about pursuing writing now that she was retired. She was my best friend. We spoke the night before the accident. I thought she sounded funny, but didn’t think too much of it.

“I love you mom,” I said.

“I love you too Krista,” she said slowly.

Mom had a mini-stroke that caused her to lose consciousness and fall. We hoped and prayed, everyone did everything they could, but she never regained consciousness and passed away 7 days later. She was only 64 years old.

I was living with my parents at the time because just four months earlier, I filed for divorce after 16 years of marriage and I was reeling from financial insecurity, unsure about the future of my then marketing business, and I had to take care of my two daughters.

There is no amount of spirituality that will cease the world from turning and tragedy from happening. Where our spirituality meets and overcomes the cold hard reality of the world we share, is in how we react to our life and life situation. Do we withdraw and declare the world too hard and unforgiving, or do we surrender to the Otherness that is the foundation of all life? Do we go on, do better, search for meaning and fully engage in this thing called Life or do we throw up our hands, and ignore the Divine calling us to discover the essence of our being? I imagine, that because your reading this, you’re in search for more…

Co-Creation in Action

Despite all that happened, I had a clear vision and a promise written on my heart. I knew that I would have a healthy relationship with my ex-husband and children, a thriving business, financial stability, and a real life partner. I knew it, declared it, and spent a lot of time getting out of my own way so that Life in all It’s love and kindness could deliver it to me.  

In just two years, I got my financial situation together, my business was into the six figures, my children were sleeping, eating well, had good grades and nice friends, I finished my divorce, (which by the way, my ex-husband and I used the same attorney and was mostly amicable), we are co-parenting our children, and I met my love, Mark.

It wasn’t by accident, I worked at every single aspect. It was systematic.

In this eBook, I’m going to share with you how to overcome self-sabotaging behavior, how to stay on purpose and on track (overcoming challenges requires a lot of focus and a lot of heart), and WHY your attempts at “manifesting” better relationships, more money, better health, deeper spiritual insight either haven’t worked or are inconsistent.

Part 1: Understanding the Nature of Your Mind

You have a conscious intention to go in one direction, i.e., lose weight, make more money, or be more spiritual and intuitive, but you keep winding up somewhere else. That is…

  1. You either get a version of what you want, but it’s not pleasing.
  2. What you want eludes you.
  3. You can’t keep what you want for very long, i.e., a good relationship or a fit body.

In other words, you have a strong conscious intention to go in one direction, but a stronger UNCONSCIOUS intention to go somewhere else.

Why does this happen?

Your unconscious mind is responsible for 95-98% of your behavior. Oh yes! Ever misplace your keys or drive home without remembering the route? That’s your unconscious mind at work!

Your unconscious mind is “non-rational” and it wants to please you. It also, has a funny way of helping you reach your goals. See below.

  • Secondary Gain. This means that the dysfunction is serving you. A classic example is getting the flu often, it could be that it is the only time you rest. Another big example is that you’re afraid that change will disrupt your current relationships. In other words, the secondary gain is to keep the “status quo.”
  • Unconscious Habit. You have an unconscious habitual pattern that is tied to a deep unconscious belief about yourself and the world. For example, I had a client that was always having financial trouble. We discovered that her mother would always tell her, “Who do you think you are to ask for anything?” As a result, she believed that she didn’t deserve wealth AND she had developed a habit of losing money and creating debt in order satisfy her unconscious belief.
  • Cultural & Familial Conditioning. Remember the phrase, “You are product of your environment?” Well, to a large degree that is true. Your cultural and familial conditioning is so embedded in the unconscious mind that it is often the biggest reason why you can’t manifest what you want as in the example above

Why is this important? 

Unless you are able to address what’s going on with your unconscious beliefs, you will always sabotage your efforts and  you will NEVER create and/or sustain the life you want and deserve.

Part 2: Co-Creating with Spirit

You and I live in an intelligent, kind, and loving Universe. I like to think of Universe as the body of the Divine/God. As the Body of God it is It’s nature to birth into being any creative idea or belief you put into It. So imagine that your strongest beliefs, desires, and most persistent thoughts go out into the Universe or Body of God and It gives birth to them. Your personal mind is a creative entity, that is supposed to be your servant. When your mind is your servant, you direct the thought, and the Universe creates what you hold in mind. That’s why this is a creative process.

However, because this Universe is non-judgmental, so It will not dictate to you what to think, feel, and believe. If you’re thinking, feeling, and believing thoughts and images of lack, poverty, bad relationships, poor body-image, fear of dis-ease, then that is what you will get.

The good news is that Spirit of God is compassionate, loving, and wants help you live your highest version of your life. It will attempt to help you “wake-up” to your own magnificence with chance meetings, strange coincidences, gut feelings, dreams, and on occasions Divine Intervention. And with all of that goodness coming your way, if you refuse to work with your own mind and pay attention to what’ going on inside of you and around you, then you will literally miss the boat of fabulousness.

Why Just “Manifesting” Does NOT Work

One way to connect with the language of the Universe is through your emotions. Your emotions are truth-tellers and will give you guidance and insight into your unconscious beliefs. They are also the gateway (or go-between) between you and the Universal wisdom, love, and compassion that is all around you! If your emotional body is not “clear,” in other words, if you have a lot of emotional baggage (Not your fault. We all have emotional baggage), then you are not able to receive the messages from your unconscious mind and the Universe. It’s like having a bad connection on your cell phone. Also, if you do not understand yourself you will never be certain if it’s the Universe that’s guiding you or if it’s your own egoic desires.

In short, emotional baggage combined with an inability to be master of your mind is what’s been preventing you from either manifesting what you want now and/or sustaining that manifestation.

What You Can Do About It NOW

  1. Ask for help! You have an entire Universe at your fingertips ready to help and guide you. Ask your angels and guides to show up for you. Pray for wisdom, energy, and clarity.  Be open to being guided to a person or community for guidance.  It’s all here for you.
  2. Don’t take it personally. Okay, so you haven’t been able to create the life you want, exactly the way you want. The Universe isn’t against you, and there isn’t anything wrong with you. You are Whole, Perfect, and Complete. The problem is that your feeling-thoughts and your belief system is not in alignment with your desires. That’s all. AND you can fix that, easily!
  3. Learn about your emotional landscape. You have a unique emotional landscape. It is beautiful, and it’s up to you to deepen your knowledge and connection to it. “Know thyself” is the answer.
  4. Meditation and mindfulness practices bring a deep level of awareness into your life. If you are unaware of the baggage you can’t remove it. 
  5. Join my online community! This is spiritual practice for the secular person. There’s tons of free stuff on my Facebook page, on my website, and you can always join my JoyCode™ Spiritual Mentorship Program, or book a Clarity Session. 

Sending you oodles of love!


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